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Visit Trübsee

Trübsee is an intermediate cable car station by the Titlis Bergbahnen, Trüebsee is an Alpine lake on the Ober Trüebsee Alpine pasture in the upper part of the extensive municipality of Wolfenschiessen in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden.This is a lake halfway up the cable car ride to Titlis from Engelberg. The view of the mountain from the lake is fantastic and the lake has self driven row boating and several trekking trails around the lake. Is peaceful. There were benches and a hammock around lake to sit and look at the lake and the mountains above. Has cows with traditional bells around their necks, grazing in the pasture below, but beware of the electrified fence. This is also the point where alternate cable car to the Mt. Titlis peak can be used other than the revolving cable car, we did not try this though.If you like sightseeing but not good at hiking, it's recommended walking around the lake then going back to cable car station.


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