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Urban UPS Waterfall Garden Park

One of the most secluded and coziest places to visit while in Seattle is the UPS Waterfall Garden Park. Designed in the memory of United Parcel Service's founder James Casey, who started the company in 1907, this manmade oasis is open for visitors during the day and closed at night. The shipping giant, UPS, moved to Connecticut in 1975, but the Seattle original headquarters remained as a beautiful memorial of the past. 

 The waterfall in this tiny park causes calm and abundant feelings, and it is a perfect spot for everyone who needs a "nature" escape during the day. 

Located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, the Waterfall Garden offers spectacular views of a 22-feet cascade in a peaceful surrounding, yet inside of a hectic city. If you feel like you want to escape for a lunch break and listen to the sound of a waterfall, but have no real time to do it, then this pocket park is the perfect place to be. 

With a friend or alone, this is an incredible spot to have a cup of coffee and contemplate for a while. The first impression after visiting the park is calmness and serenity. A feeling like being somewhere deep in the wilderness, relaxing by the sound of the burbling water.

Soothing the nerves in the middle of the city is not a common thing nowadays, but thanks to the UPS Foundation, everyone who needs a break from the chaos, can come here and meditate for a bit. 

The well-arranged greenery of this little park also adds to the "wilderness" atmosphere and represents a positive reminder of century-old business history. 

If you ever come in this part of Seattle, don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the most unique landmarks that this city has to offer. Stay calm and take a deep breath by the UPS Waterfall! 



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