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Vaioaga waterfall, Bei Eye Lake

Getting here is very easy and its also suitable for families and ideal for a weekend trip. All these can be observed in the Banat area (South Western Romania). We had lodging in Potoc village in Caras – Severin country and from there we headed on the 517K avenue towards Bei Valley Camping. At a certain point on the 517K road you’ll have to turn left on a woodland road. This is the entry factor in the Beusnita – Nera Gorges national Park. You’ll have to pay an entry fee, its about 5 RON/pers if I keep in mind correctly, and then you proceed via the forest on the banks of the Bei river. The area is wild and very beautiful. We climbed down right on the financial institution of Bei river to take snap shots a lot of times.

Not a ways away from the entry point in the National Park, about 20 minutes walking, you can see to your proper a panel indicating that you have to climb down to see Viaoaga waterfall. Its one if the most lovely waterfalls I’ve seen. Its not very high but it has a robust float and its surrounded by way of large boulders and dense forest. Typical for this National Park is the turqyoise water shade which you can see in the small pool the waterdall forms. Its certainly a trademark of this area.

Its genuinely charming and its very difficult to leave. Tens of photographs later though we continue closer to Bei valley Camping. The distance between the entry factor in the National Park and the tenting is about 4 km. We were here with our mountain bikes however the wooded area avenue is appropriate ample to go on it with your car if you like.  Once we attain the tenting the forest street appropriate for automobiles ends. Here you can devour all variety of speedy food, however we endured on the path which leads to Bei Eye Lake. There are about 2.3 km between the camping and this lake which you can do in about 30 – 40 minutes. The trail continues thru the beautiful forest.

Once you reach the lake you’ll see its trademark turquoise coloration especially if it’s a sunny day. Actually this color is induced by using the sediments on the backside of the lake which replicate the sunlight so that it outcomes this outstanding colour. As you can imagine we spent tens of minutes here to admire it and took tens of pictures.

It was once difficult to go away this beautiful lake but the jewel of this trail is just round the corner. The jewel is of path Beusnita waterfall simply 1 km away from Bei Eye Lake. It takes you no greater than 20 minutes to reach this high quality waterfall. Actually, the most right way to title this location is Beusnita waterfalls due to the fact right here you can see a number of waterfalls one on pinnacle of the other. The largest one is about 5 meters high. The rock is completely included by way of green fluffy moss. Unfortunately when we had been there it was very hot and the glide of water was once reduced. However if you go to it after a sturdy rain you’ll see the entire spectacle. It is beautiful even with a decreased flow. The water tricles on the inexperienced moss gently and the waterfall shape is massive. We stood there for about an hour simply gazing how it works. Its mid-blowing and beautiful!

The splendor of this waterfall consists in its lovely shape: like a considerable mushroom, all blanketed in inexperienced moss and the water trickling gently on the base of the mushroom shape. Its very stylish and beautiful. You can also admire it closer if you carefully go down below the bridge, however you want to be very cautious due to the fact it is not supposed for tourists to go there.



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