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Venice Skate Park

Spent a couple of weeks there and I have to say this is one of the coolest skateparks in the world imo. Not because it's the best skatepark (there are a lot of better parks) but the combination of location, people, great weather, perfect pools, vibe, you name it, makes this an awesome place to ride. The snake-run pool is one of the most fun things I've ever ridden and the concrete is super smooth, plus there's always a crowd watching. And if you're done skating there's tons of other things to do at Venice Beach. Krown Intro Skateboard : My skateboard may have been incredibly ugly when i first got it but after breaking it in it rode fine then i ordered some bones red bearings and they were good. The bearings in these started to slow down so i took off the plastic shields and they rolles better then my bones speed bearings. If u don't mind cleaning bearings every couple of days this is a good product also the trucks were good. The board has lasted me through atleast half a dozen drops in water from my clumsy friends so i think this is a good price for such a durable board.


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