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Villa Hügel

One of Essen's biggest attractions (Bredeney)-Villa Hügel-the Krupp family's former residence (construction was completed in 1873). It is a huge, 28 acres beautifully maintained park, located near the banks of the river Ruhr and Baldeneysee, with a large, multi-block building lump-once the proper residence-and scattered here and there smaller buildings. The representative building-8100 m2 and 269 rooms-is made up of many parts. The most important are: the so-called "Little House"-60 rooms, and the main building-with an enormously large lobby (a ballroom?)-actually empty today, except for large portraits of family members hanging on the walls. The remaining rooms of this level are also nearly empty. There is, inter alia, a large concert hall on the very high floor (currently used). Unfortunately, I haven't found any information about using other constructions... Christian Dior and other fashion companies had their "catwalks" here in the 1950s. Now in the Villa is a gallery, the region's Cultural Foundation, as well as the family and industrial archive of the Krupp family. Unfortunately, most parts of the mansion are not publicly accessible. Visiting the whole-without walking in the beautiful park will take at least 120 minutes. If the viewer is interested in the history and development of the production of the company should add at least 60 minutes. Most curious is this part of the exhibition. Entrance is € 5. My biggest disappointment is that there is not enough information in English. Fantastic park and gardens, worth visiting. A great place in beautiful surroundings for rest, recreation and relaxation. Children and pets are going to be delighted. 


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