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Visit Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan

Jaislamer is the real pride of the Rajput heritage that once ruled Jaisalmer, one of the world's greatest structures. It was in 1156 AD that this magnificent castle was built and also under the rule of the Rajput. It has enormous golden walls of sand, which are recognized as Golden Fort (Sonar Quila). This place has a world heritage site. The impressive fort is elevated in the center of the Thar, reminiscent of Arabic night fables and overlooks the entire town. This magnificent attitude makes Jaisalmer's most famous tourist attraction. 

Jaisalmer is well linked by rail, road and air to significant towns in India. It was pretty good local transport in Jaisalmer. Car Rickshaw in Jaisalmer City is an affordable mode of car travel. The primary town of Jaisalmer is within walking distance. It's best to rent your hotel a rickshaw.


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