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Visit the enchanting Cathedral of St Helena in Helena Montana

The St. Helena Cathedral was built during Bishop John Carroll's episcopate at the turn of the century. It is an exceptional example of Gothic geometric architecture, patterned after the Sacred Heart Votive Church in Vienna, Austria. The sanctuary is decorated with stained glass windows, white marble altars, pure Carrara marble statues, and genuine gold leaf. All the pews and woodwork are made of hand-cut oak. The magnificent lighting fixtures are hand-forged bronze with a special finish of lacquer. Outside the street there are majestic twin spires 230 feet above.

Architecturally speaking, you could spend a whole day or more just drinking it in and imagining all the challenges and considerations to make it what it is. Inside is breathtakingly beautiful, even if you're not a practicing Catholic, you'll find a sense of awe and wonder and strength and light and reflection. It stands tall above town as the matriarch and is always a landmark that is comforting to see.


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