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Vrtba garden or Vrtbovska zahrada in old town of Prague

The Vrtba Garden, in Prague, is one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in the city, and it was created around 1720. Despite being one of the city’s smaller gardens, the artistic and historical value of its decoration and its unique architectural design on an irregular slope makes it one of the most important in all Europe. It is a kind of peaceful oasis, and it has an uninterrupted view of the city skylines.

This UNESCO-listed landscape, made up of curved staircases, manicured hedges, and statues of Roman gods, is a heaven for nature lovers and photographers, so be sure to have your camera ready. The lookout point offers visitors a breathless panorama of Prague’s red rooftops, with the silhouette of the Prague Castle and St. Nicholas church on your left and the outline of Žižkov TV Tower dominating the distant skyline on your right. And don’t forget to look up as you enter or exit the gardens, so you can admire the arched, frescoed ceilings of the Sala Terrena building.

The Vrtba Garden is, surely, the perfect place to visit with the family or to rest and relax after an exhausting day of walking through the streets of Prague. It’s floral scents, green grass and variety of trees make it fun to explore, and you will always discover new things every time you go there. 

There is a small admission fee and it is often used as a venue for weddings, receptions and other celebrations.



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