AWAYN IMAGE Devils Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Devils Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Devils Bridge
AWAYN IMAGE Devils Bridge

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It is one of the best spots in northern Arizona. It is an easy hike and people of all ages and fitness levels can do it. Last time I was there, there was a man in his 60's with a cane hiking up to the bridge. From the parking lot it is about a 3.6 mile round trip to the bridge and back. The first mile and a half is on a dirt road, that off road vehicles are allowed on, and then it veers  off into a heavily used trail. All but the last quarter mile is flat and then there are about three sets of rock stairs until you get to the bridge. After each set of stairs you will be able to turn around and look at the canyon filled with pines beneath the towering red rocks on all sides. Once you get to the bridge you can go out and walk on it. If you are feeling crazy, alot of people do hand stands or yoga poses on it as well. It is best to get there early, especially on the weekend, because it can get extremely crowded. During the summer you are going to want to bring lots of water and sunblock because it can get extremely hot. This place will not disappoint, but it can be over crowded at some points in time. I hope you enjoy

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