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Wadi Mujib, Jordan

The Wadi Mujib gorge houses some of the most spectacular cliffs we've ever seen, hiking, swimming, sliding and abseiling right down the center of all of them. You can book your Wadi Mujib trek at the office (Royal Society for Nature Conservation) right off the main highway between Aqaba and the resort area of the Dead Sea, and that's where our day started. If you want to bring your phone, camera or electrical with you, you will need a dry bag because there are sections where you need to swim. Otherwise, leaving them in a locker at the beginning is best.  

You start walking along a bridge after getting kitted out, then rock and a ladder down into Wadi Mujib itself. The second you step down from the ladder, even though the canyon starts very wide and the water level is low, you can feel the water already running pretty fast. The rain soon gets deep ankle as you pass the first corner and the adventure begins. The water gradually gets deeper into your knees for the first few hundred meters, then your waist. The canyon is increasingly closing, eventually wholly blocking the sun. There's no need for sun cream here! Wadi Mujib was so refreshing in the blazing heat of the Dead Sea region.


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