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Walk around the Elfreth's Alley

Named for Jeremiah Elfreth, blacksmith and property owner, Elfreth's Alley was home to the craftsmen and tradesmen of the 18th century who were the backbone of colonial Philadelphia.

The original 32 buildings that border the road stay hot properties over 300 years later, and this itty-bitty cobblestone road is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

While contemporary Philadelphia has emerged around it, it continues the street, maintaining three decades of development through its old-fashioned flower boxes, shutters, Flemish bond brickwork and other architectural detail.

The residents of Elfreth's Alley open their doors to the public every year on the first Saturday in December, allowing visitors to see these historic homes decorated for the holidays— inside and outside. 

The festive event is completed by baked goods, cider, and colonial carolers and musicians. Residents are also offering access on Fete Day in June to their historic personal residences.


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