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Walk in Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella National Park

The Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park has a assorted panorama with a rich cultural heritage and breath taking nature. The contrasts are the great, from the dramatic almost alpine surroundings with waterfalls on the northwest, to the rounded mountains and dry climate in the east. Great variation provides a vary of experiences and your choices are as different as the landscape. The park consists of an nearly intact ecosystem that includes wild reindeer, wolverines, arctic foxes, ravens and golden eagles, and the solely Norwegian population of musk oxen additionally lives on Dovrefjell.

The Dovrefjella-Sunndalsfjella National Park offers many possibilities for out of doors recreation. You can walk,ski and spend the night time wherever you want. Snohetta (2286 m) is the most majestic of the peaks in the National Park. It was once believed to be the best possible mountain in Norway. The usually used paths to the summit are from the Norwegian Ramblers Association’s cabins Snoheim and Reinheim. Alternatively, you can enjoy the view of Snohetta and study extra about the history  and wild life of the place at the Norwegian wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion at Tverrfjellet, close to Hjerkinn.

In the municipalities of Nesset and Sunndal, you can find properly beginning points for walks in the National Park in Grovudalen, Torbudalen and Eikesdalen. In Eikeshdalen you will additionally discover Mardalen nature reserve with prosperous organic range and the Mardal waterfall. For ski mountaineering, Oksendalen and Eresfjorden are excellent locations. 

If you stroll or ski, you have to reflect on consideration on the welfare of the wild reindeer. The Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park has plausible lines of the original wild mountain reindeer. Wild reindeer reached Norway when the ice melted after the last Ice Age. The human beings followed, and heaps of years of searching and the usage of the reindeer very timed and vulnerable. If you find out a wild reindeer earlier than it discovers you, please stay put until it strikes away. You can examine extra about the exceptional animas and those who haunted them at Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre at Hjerkinn.

The National park is also home to musk oxen. They died out during the last Ice Age, however the place reintroduced from Greenland between 1932 and 1953. The bloodless and dry local weather of Dovrefjell suites their compact bodies and sturdy coat. You can comply with the marked Musk Ox Trail from Kongsvoll or Gronbakken. There is a good hazard of seeing shaggy prehistoric animals barring risking to disturb the wild reindeer. Remember: If the musk oxen experience threatened they can also attack. Should you see them on or close to trail, please stroll a broad circle round them Maintain a distance of at least 200 meters between you and the animals to forestall disturbance.

The artic fox additionally lives in the National Park. It is very prone and was once extinct from the place in the 1990s. Since 2005 foxes have been bred in captivity and released here in the hope that they will assist rebuild a potential population in Norway.

The different panorama is also home to the wolverine and many exclusive birds. From small birds to large birds of prey like the golden eagle, gyrfalcon and rough legged buzzard. Here, you can also locate wonderful alpine flora. The calcareous rocks are a lot of the rationalization for the unusual plant lifestyles with rarities such as the grass, Poa lindebergii, alpine hairbell, a subspecies of arctic poppy, Papaver radiactumm and more.

Guest in the National Park

Do now not disturb animals or birds. This is their home. Leave the reindeer in peace. Disturbing the arctic fox is prohibited. Keep at least a distance of  200 meters to musk oxen.

You may go anywhere you like, however some thing with an engine is basically prohibited.

Do mo longer go away traces. You can give up at any place you like and pitch a tent, however tidy up afterwards and take your rubbish with you.

You may additionally mild a fire, however there is a customary ban of fires in woodland from April 15th to September 15th .

You can select berries, mushrooms and common flowers for your very own use. Show consideration for cultural heritage sites, vegetation and animal life. Take more care in breeding season.

Hunting and fishing is permitted. Remember to buy hunting and fishing licences. Never use live fish as bait, or switch stay fish from one river or lake to another.

Dogs are allowed, however have to be on a leash from April 1st to August 20th ( the boroughs have barely special by laws regarding this)



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