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West Fork Oak Creek Trail

This trail was great for the heat of the summer as it provide a lot of shade and runs along a stream where you can cool off. When you are in areas shaded by the canyon walls, it provides even more comfort and shade and if your lucky, a nice breeze. For the normal hike, its over three and a half miles one way and you come back the way you started. The trails are not clearly marked but its easy to see the path. You cross the stream 13 times (one way), balancing on rocks and logs during this hike, though its not deep and if you end up falling in, you won't risk being swept away.. worse case is you are ankle deep with wet socks. Hiking shoes are not really necessary.. many people stopped at different crossing and spent the day playing in the water along with their furry friends. Any age should be able to hike the trail. Its a forest path with some areas hiking up and down rock steps. The end is a bit anticlimactic where you end up by a sign on a tree stating the end of the paved trail. If you pass that, you'll follow the canyon wall a short distance where it tapers off and you either need to swim in deeper water or turn around at that point. Its a nice little view but nothing to spectacular. Those camping will continue pass that point but we turned around as we were not going to jump in to swim. The parking lot can get very very full and you have to pay the attendant when you arrive. I suggest you go early or late. We went at 2pm and there was a long line of cars which were trying to get into the already full lot. By the time we hiked out, the lot was empty and no one was on duty to collect payments. There are areas along the road before and after the parking lot entrance you can park and walk back to the trail.. just be mindful of the signs as there are a number of no parking signs to the left and right of the parking lot entrance. Those walking in have to pay a 2 dollar walk in fee as well. Several bathrooms are available at the start of the trail.


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