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Kancamagus Highway White Mountains New Hampshire

An absolutely stunning view and wonderful drive. The Mount Washington auto road is definitely worth the time, about 20-30 minutes up and 30-40 down depending on cars in front of you. You can really appreciate the the different biomes as you rise to the top and enter the clouds. If you are afraid of heights, this might not be the attraction for you. Although the road is quite tilted in certain areas ( in the right direction I might add) it can still be discomforting to drive next to edge. Parking at the top is limited and nobody there to direct traffic when the lot gets bottled up.  Plenty of bicycles on this route with no bike lane. A few scenic areas with parking to take in the mountain views. Plenty of places to camp, hike and swim along the Kanc. Cars do not park on the road but can sometimes park on the grass right next to the road.  Always research ahead in early spring since there may be remnants of icy patches along the route that can be hazardous as the road does attain some serious elevations.


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