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Yellowwood State Forest IN

Yellowwood State Forest is known as for a tree common within the mid-south however rare this so much north. The tree (Cladrastis kentukea) has bright yellow wood that's exhausting and dense. The tree flowers extravagantly however solely each 3 to 5 years within the spring with loose clusters of pea-like, fragrant white flowers. Seeds are in bean pods almost like its full cousin the black locust. The leaves are compound and the bark is analogous to the American beech. But two hundred acres in Yellowwood support the tree on north facing slopes and deep ravines close to Crooked Creek Lake. A specimen is planted at the Forest office on Yellowwood Lake Road.

Yellowwood State Forest are often accessed from SR 45; but, usually this is not suggested as a result of it often needs a vehicle with high clearance to cross 2 natural fords on Yellowwood Lake Road. It’s higher to approach from SR forty six to the south of the most park space. There’s a signal for Yellowwood State Forest on SR forty six, wherever Yellowwood Lake Road heads north.  Yellowwood Lake Road is concerning twelve miles east of town and it's concerning VI miles south and west of Nashville on SR forty six.

Take Yellowwood Lake Road north from SR forty six.  After 1.2 miles you'll cross little bridge and are available to a junction wherever four roads move at varied angles.  Turn left, staying on the most blacktop road that is Yellowwood Lake Road. In an exceedingly very little but a mile you'll turn right, that remains Yellowwood Lake Road.  There square measure signs for Yellowwood Lake Forest at this right turn. When turning, you'll pass many campgrounds and therefore the Yellowwood Lake Forest Headquarters on your left.



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