Travertine Hot Springs


AWAYN IMAGE Travertine Hot Springs
AWAYN IMAGE Travertine Hot Springs
AWAYN IMAGE Travertine Hot Springs
AWAYN IMAGE Travertine Hot Springs
AWAYN IMAGE Travertine Hot Springs

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There are not many natural hot springs have aren't controlled. This place is 100% natural. It is a little tricky to find the dirt road. If you are coming from downtown Bridgeport, you make a left before the ranger station. Just keep going straight down the paved road, up to the dirt path. Keep your faith and keep driving up till you reach a parking lot. -There is 1 pool next to the parking lot. We didn't get to sit in there. What I liked is it had carpet laid out for you to sunbath or recover from the heat. -Down the path located along a large rock are 4 tubs. Each one is a Goldilocks temperature, hot to luke warm. -Along the field are 3 mini pools just going slightly left of the four pools towards the valley. 2 that are connected. Just about 20 feet further is a very deep and dark pool. If you're brave, check that one out. I was too scared to go in. -- DIRECTIONS -- From 395 turn onto Jack Sawyer Road. It'll take ~5 minutes coming from Bridgeport. At the first fork turn left. The road will turn into a dirt road for ~1 mile it's pretty bumpy so drive carefully.. There's a couple forks but just look for the Travertine Hot Springs Signs (which aren't always at the forks you have to look farther sometimes). Eventually you'll reach a parking lot with a toilet. You can park anywhere along the side. From parking lot you will see one spring directly in front. Walk past this one to the left and there should be two rocks slightly blocking an entrance. Walk through these and follow the path and you'll be taken to the other 4 springs. Each of the springs vary in temperature.. one of them was just too hot to get into. The pools are a lot smaller than what I imagined but still very cool. You will just have to share the pools with the others. Definitely worth the trip out!

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