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Zinneke Pis Brussels Adventure

Zinneke Pis is a urinating statue that stands 61 centimeters tall. It is a symbolism of Belgium humor. Besides, also it is merely a dog peeing on the spot. It was among the first statute that trended in Brussels. Zinneke Pis is located in the street corner where crowds quickly see it.

Zinneke is among the youngest in the Brussels peeing statue family. It is therefore sometimes mistakenly called Zinneke Pis since is hardest to locate. When having a closer inspection of the statue, you will have a glance of an actual dog.

If you are willing to experience and feel a slight of tourist zones, then Brussels is the place to visit; besides, there are other exciting things you will see within the statue. For instance, there is a street sculpture within a short walk; there is also a bar and graffiti scene near the Zinneke Pis

Zinneke Pis is one of the favorite statues that you will get to enjoy in Brussels. You will also have a fantastic time taking good pictures with the statue. The statue expresses a sense of humor that Belgium’s have. As part of your tour to Brussels, this is a beautiful place to stop by.

If you are within the area, the statue place is worth visiting and taking some photos for remembrance. Once you have finished making your photos, you can relax in restaurants situated within the city.

Overall, Zinneke Pis is one of the unique statues that cannot be found elsewhere easily. Therefore, to have such a statue in a country, it is excellent stuff. The sculpture is nearly done to create more fantasy to the tourist. If you are planning a tour within the place, make sure you pass by the Zinneke Pis to enjoy breathtaking moments of your life.



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