Et Voilà Ana & Max

Awayn had the pleasure of interviewing Ana & Max, incredibly talented adventurers & photographers that have been traveling the continental Europ in a van.  Ana & Max’s are well known for their ability to capture their journey in cinematic photographs that makes anyone fall in love with Europe.  


Awayn a eu le plaisir d’interviewer Ana & Max, des aventuriers et des photographes incroyablement talentueux qui ont voyagé en Europe continentale dans une camionnette.


Ana & Max. Can you introduce yourself to Awayn's audience?

We are Ana and Max. Our relationship started on an impulse!  we moved together after 3 months, then two years later, we were traveling Europe in a van, leaving our apartment and our jobs. Today we are searching for new adventures, and always looking to discover new regions to capture pictures.   


What first drew you to traveling and how did you end up driving around the Europ in a Van?

We have already traveled 14 months in a van throughout the Europe. This adventure completely changed us. We tasted a real vanlife. Scandinavia offered us this magical experience. We fed ourself fish we caught, we washed in lakes, we could spend a whole week without seeing anyone. Our real psychological state changed in these countries (Finland / Sweden / Norway). It was great!

What are some of the challenges of traveling in a Van both in physical and emotional level?

The first moments of the Vanlife are not necessarily the best. You have to get used to this new way of life. Small kitchen, practically non-existent shower, limited budget, very little bed, limited autonomy (electricity), etc. We also left behind our friends, families and all social ties. It can be destabilizing at the beginning. It’s a real contrast with an ordinary life. But this change allows a new perception of freedom, time and happiness.

What was the most surpassing truth you found out about while driving?

“No problem only solutions”. That is the rule. This rule is essential to living any type of adventure serenely. Otherwise, the slightest concern can take on a disproportionate extent. To Relativize makes it possible to apprehend his journey in the most beautiful way.

How did you manage your budget while traveling?

We had a budget of €30 a day and often this extended for two days at a time. It was a very tight budget. In the beginning, we went over our budget all the time. But when we were driving on the road day after day, we began to become more rigorous. In the Eastern countries—like Poland, Slovakia, or even in Portugal—a small budget can be manageable. But it was harder in Scandinavia, and especially in Norway. By fishing and eating local, we were able to save money. Nonetheless, our budget was a constraint. Every time we did something extra, such as visiting a museum, we went over our budget. But when you explore countries with greater access to outdoor spaces, there is less of a temptation to spend money. We walked often and chose outdoor activities. It was our daily happiness. We wanted to get lost in luxurious landscapes. At night, we didn’t pay for campsites. We wanted to be in amazing and wild places every day.

What is the most memorable trip you have had in recent memory?

Norway by far! It is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and now we understand why. We stayed for three and a half months, driving more than 7,000 km between the north and south. Its landscapes are unique. In the middle of summer, we could go hiking, fishing or running under a beautiful sun at 4 o’clock in the morning! We could even surf in certain areas. Imagine surfing above the Arctic on June 15 at midnight when the sun is still shining. It’s a dream! For some, it might appear to be heaven for vanlife.

Do you recommend us to start our own Vanlife journey?

Yes of course. You do not have to react like us and leave your job and apartment. Sometimes it takes only a week or two, immersed in nature, with your van, your lover, your friends, a few beers and a good campfire, and you’re done.

Closing Thoughts … How do you think photography and traveling have changed your view of the world?

If we summarize our feelings and those of the other vanlifers, we realize that there are as many possible answers as different personalities.

From our point of view, having traveled with so little means, for so long, in a wilderness, has taught us much. This forces us to think constantly, and always to question ourselves. Therefore, we also wonder about our environment, trying to understand more deeply the secrets of this world. We could debate for hours about the journey. But one thing we are all sure: travel change you

Big thanks to you for having me on here! Hope I could inspire someone to go on their own little adventures with great memories.