Top 8 motorcycle roads in the US of A.

As motorcyclists, the thirst for the next epic ride is never quenched. The expectation of forthcoming riding epicness is what keeps us riding. The list a short but I did my best to avoid personal bias, however, there is top 10 list doesn’t do justice so let’s just say that this is a list of 10 of the best-known stretches; the hidden gem roads that every motorcyclist should at least ride a few of in his or her lifetime.

1. The Three Sisters ride in Texas

One of the most popular rides in the Texas Hill country takes riders along Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337, better known as the Three Sisters or Twisted Sisters.  The Three Sisters ride in Texas is an awesome ride, but if you go there and aren’t familiar with the ride, bring a friend. I’d suggest bringing a spot tracker. Another thing about the Three Sisters; bring lots of water and a few snacks. Make sure you have a bike with a large gas tank. Once you’re out there, don’t skip stopping at a gas station if you see one. There’s gas in Camp Wood, Leakey, and Vanderpool, but sometimes those stations are out of gas. Plan accordingly. If you go, check out!

2. Beartooth pass

The ride starts at  Red Lodge, Montana, hair-curling Beartooth Pass – one of the most popular stretches of pavement in the Rocky Mountains among motorcyclists –  takes riders on a hair-curling 68-miles down into Wyoming and right to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  I had the great good fortune a couple years ago to ride Beartooth pass in terrific weather, and it was epic – grand and glorious, and the only complaint I can imagine is having to make the choice between riding it fast (I did) and slowing down to marvel at the stunning views. So I stopped a lot. If you go to ride this, I recommend staying at the Grand Hotel in Big Timber.

3. US Hwy 12 from Missoula

US Hwy 12 from Missoula MT up Lolo Pass and across into Idaho is pure heaven. Leaving Missoula you ride 75 miles uphill with no straightaway over a couple hundred yards long. At the top is the squiggly road ahead sign, Next 122 Miles it says. Downhill the whole way. I did it as the opening stint of a 11 hour haul (700 miles) to Portland, OR. Pulled out of Missoula at 6:30 am and was the only vehicle on the road. I was able to maintain 60-110 the whole way over the mountain on my 95 Trophy 1200, just what it was made for.

4. Cherohala skyway

The Cherohla Skyway, located in western North Carolina and extending into remote Eastern Tennessee, isn’t far from its more well known cousin – Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap. Go north to Deal’s Gap and ride the Dragon northwest and then turn north on Foothills Parkway to south on Hwy 321. Turn right onto Hwy 73 thru the Great Smoky Mtns. Park to US 441 S. to Cherokee. [If you want to go east just a few miles on Hwy 19, you can visit the Eastern Cherokee Reservation, as well as their Casino and several locations of other smaller Tribes in the area..] The Blue Ridge Parkway begins off of US 441 just north of Cherokee going east…Further east on 19 is “Wheels thru Time Motorcycle Museum.But take 19 west to Hwy 28 west…taking you BACK to Deal’s Gap and another run on the Dragon! THis time, stay on 129 to Hwy 72 over to Hwy 411 South less than 3 miles to South on 360 back down to Tellico Plains.It is ‘possible’ in 2 days. But take 3 or 4, or more, and enjoy the Casino and other sites… or even ‘double back’ on any of your most enjoyable spots.

5. Hwy 1 to Big Sur/Monterey.

Hwy 1 to Big Sur/Monterey… take the 101 up through SLO and on past Paso Robles to Nacimiento-Ferguson road which winds through Ft. Hunter Ligget and comes out above Gorda just south of Nepenthe. Out of this world scenery, twisties, streams, mountains and virtually zero traffic. Living nearby, I’m fortunate to hit this route often throughout the year, but mostly in spring, summer and early fall. Then there is the back way to Hollister via 198 or the Pozo Saloon past Santa Margarita on Pozo road… too many great roads

6. Route 36

Start in Redbluff, CA on highway 36 and ride to the west towards Fortuna, CA. You will know you’re in the right spot when you see the windy road sign that says “Next 140 Miles” under the arrow. Just stay on the highway and you’ll get to the finish line. The road has some crazy twists and turns in which make you feel like you’re in heaven. You won’t have much time to take your eyes off the road with all the crazy fun you are going to encounter. There are lots of places with long roller-coasters like drops and no guard rails, so you will need to be cautious and aware of what’s in front of you at all times.

7. Angel Crest Highway

It starts from  La Canada, CA and takes highway 2 east up into the mountains to the end point of Wrightwood, CA. A big chunk of the route passes through mountain terrain located north of the Los Angeles basin. There are plenty of twisting mountain roads and certain segments reach altitudes above 7000 feet. The road condition is not bad for a Cali road and the traffic is majority sightseers, vacationers, and locals.

8. Sonora Pass

It starts from Sonora, CA and goes to the east on highway 108 until it intersects with highway 395.This road is closed during the Winter but you can still see the snow on the mountain peaks at the end of Summer. The roads are steep and narrow with some sudden drop-offs and may be more appropriate for a more experienced rider.