Press Kit

What is Awayn

AWAYN provides a strong, yet easy to access and user friendly, digital platform to both adventurers and businesses to engage and collaborate. The core of our business is to empower ordinary people to find what they seek in outdoors and give platform for small businesses to engage this massive yet growing market!

Our Story

It all started when we decided to travel to Southern California for our first surfing adventure. Newbies to surfing, we had lots of questions and needed lots of information regarding our upcoming adventure. Where should we go in Southern California? Was there a beach that was particularly good for first-timers? Where should we stay when we were there? What equipment and gear did we need? Would we have to buy that gear or could we rent it at a nearby surf shop? What was the approximate cost to buy or rent a surfboard?We spent hours on the internet…reading blogs, scouring travel tips, visiting forums. There didn’t seem to be any one site on the internet that could tell us all we needed to embark on our adventure. Finally, after wasting hours on the internet, we decided to just drive to a beach in Southern California and see if we could find any locals who could provide us with the info we needed.It would have been so much easier if there had been a site on the internet that provided all of the information we needed to plan our adventure. With this in mind, we found Read our complete story here.

Some of Awayn features?

  • Location-based adventures
  • Bookmark favorite adventures and create lists to organize for future travels
  • Favorite adventures on social media
  • Follow your favorite adventurers
  • Filter adventure by location, activity or amenities such as (child friendly, parking, etc)
  • Access to exclusive interviews, stories, and articles

Brand Guidelines:

  1. Name: Awayn
  2. Website:
  3. Twitter: @awayn
  4. Instagram: @Livingeurope
  5. Instagram: @awayncom
  6. Facebook: @awayndotcom/
  7. Android: Google Play
  8. IOS: Apple Store
  9. Logo: