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Sharon Woods Metro Park

Sharon Woods Loop Trail is amazing! remember that You have to pay to enter - $3 for one day or $10 for an annual pass. It's a mid-sized park with picnic areas, a lake that has a walking/bike path about 3 miles long, a children's play area, a gorge trail and a parcours trail. Unfortunately, part of the path around the lake is under I-275 and is quite noisy. At the lake, fishing is permitted and paddle boats are available for rent in the summer. Some of the parcours stations are showing their age and could use a little maintenance. An 18-hole golf course is at one end of the park and it's pretty challenging. Inside the park you can also find Heritage Village, a recreation of a 19th century Ohio town. There is an extra fee for this exhibit because even though it's in the park, it is a separate operation. Tours are given and special events are held here but consult their website for dates and times as they vary with the season. If you live in the area, the $10 annual fee is a smart choice since you'll probably come here often. A great outdoor experience.


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