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Walk the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Connected to the cliffs by a rope bridge across the Atlantic Ocean, Carrick-a-Rede Island (home to a single building - a fisherman's cottage) is the final destination. The rope bridge was first constructed by salmon fisherman 350 years ago.  Today Carrick-a-Rede welcomes this exciting rope bridge experiences for its visitors.

This is a busy attraction on the North Coast, and 7£ per person. The views are absolutely stunning, all the way from the car park right up to the islands over the bridge. 

If you're going here, make sure you wear sensible footwear, - the ground is uneven and can be slippery, and also take a decent camera with you. 

The walk to the bridge is fairly long, and difficult in places, but it is worthwhile. They have, very thoughtfully, placed benches at various points along the way, so you can rest if you need to. Apologies if this seems blunt, but if you're in a wheelchair, or are unable to walk very far, forget it - it will be far too difficult for you and there's nowhere that you can even get a good view of the rope bridge without walking a fair distance. If you can walk, but with difficulty grit your teeth, get on with it, and you won't be disappointed.  


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