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Venice Skate & Basketball Park

I don't skate but every time I ride to the beach, I park my bike here and watch the skaters flying around- its great!  There are always a lot of people here skating and people watching from outside the rails.  On a good day you will see some amazing skating and flying through the air- I just sit back amazed!  Since I don't skate- just watch I can only say that the park looks nice and has more stuff to skate on than any other skate park I have seen.  The back drop to the skate park is the ocean... does it get better or more California than that? Next to the skate park is a graffiti wall that has legal graffiti and sometimes you can see something cool.  Also next to skate park is the "dance hall" section.. there are always people out there dancing on skates to loud music and having a great time.  It is hilarious and cool at the same time and every-time I see it I laugh and smile.   It can seem crowded but you can always find a spot to watch and have fun!


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