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The Three Sisters route

The Three Sisters route starts in Medina, TX. From Medina catch RR337 (at this point you are starting on "The Three Sisters") heading west (right). Take RR337 west until you come up on the town of Leakey. At Leakey, go north on US 83 for a just about a mile and look for RR336 on the left. Take a left onto RR336 which will head you north. Continue north on RR336 until you meet Texas 41 and at this point you will want to turn left in order to head west. Go west for 15 miles or so and you will find RR335 on the left. Take a left (east) and get on RR335 and drive south down to Camp Wood where you can take a left on to RR337 and finish out the loop when you hit Leakey again. - See more at: A ride through this part of Texas will most certainly change your view of my beloved state. You will ride amongst scenery as good as it gets, along clear rivers, through very twisty mountain type curves amidst real Texas Ranches. With million dollar vistas and cool clear waters along with friendly folks and knowing that you are riding the best this large state can offer, makes for great riding... Nueces River (pronounced New-Aces) on Ranch Rd 335 This route is mainly very twisty passing over large hills and between not many gas stations. This roller coaster ride will no doubt blow you away. The road is not heavily traveled, but beware as sharp turns have certainly taken many motorcyclist down. Also, although the surface is mostly in very good condition, always watch for loose gravel, deer and slow moving locals heading back to their ranch ... often a much slower pace than we're zippin by at. This route isn't going to be know for its "Roadside Amenities" as much as it is known for its scenery and road quality. There are some very nice pull-outs, stop and enjoy the long vistas. Gas up in Leakey as there are not too many gas stations to choose from and where there is a very good motorcycle shop. For a refreshing summertime swimming hole try the Frio River (frio meaning cold!!!). Note from a recent visitor about this route: "Hwy 16 between Kerrville and Bandera is not for beginners! Due to recent accidents, weekend police patrol has increased a great deal. Hwy 173 may be a better route between Kerrville & Bandera."


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