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Ball play at Holcombe Rucker Park

During the summer when they EBC host their famous Basketball tournament, they install a really cool wood floor court which are easier on the player's legs. The teams and competition aren't as good as it use to be 10yrs ago when you had rappers, Jay Z, Dipset, Fat Joe, P Diddy and Mousey's Dream Team fly NBA players to town to play on their respective team for the day. I feel you had more well known HS and College basketball players from NY who also participated in the tournament as well. I think the drop is also contributed to the traveling And 1 teams and Ball out teams which show case a lot of street ball talent. Sometimes in the summer thou whole place smell like it shit its pants 2 weeks ago. If you drive, get there early to get parking or use the overpriced parking garage across from the park. Be careful parking on the street the street parking signs are confusing at times and you will get a parking ticket or even worst, towed.


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