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Photograph the 16th Avenue Tiled Staircase

Beautifully Tiled and Colourful Steps & Gorgeous Views of the City from the Top - An Off the Beaten Path Hidden Gem in San Francisco! It is truly a lovely piece of work.  The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps are located in the residential streets of the Sunset District.  These 163 steps climb up from the intersection of Moraga Street and 16th Avenue and end at 15th Avenue. 

The project to create the sea-to-stars themed mosaic was started in 2003 by two neighborhood residents as a way to unite their community and beautify the environment. Two artists, Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher, were hired to craft the mosaic panels on each of the 163 steps and residents in the neighborhood sponsored tiles featuring animals, fish, and shells.  Workshops were also held for the community so that they could learn how to make the tiles and contribute to the project.

If you want to go higher from the top of the 16th Ave Tiles Steps, watch for cars and go right on 15th a few paces to another stairway, which ascends to the upper street level (streets are confusing in this area). Then you should see a final set of steps and landings that leads to the top of Grandview Park, where the views are outstanding.

Parking is decent in the area since this is more of a photo op. Definitely climb to the top once to see the breathtaking view of Ocean Beach in the distance. Come during sunset for great pictures and a great view from the top. You'll probably spend no more than 15 minutes here, but worth putting on your list of places to visit in the city.


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