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Backpack to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center, Forks

The Hoh Rain Forest is the only rain forest in the continental US, and therefore unique. It is also beautiful, and almost primeval. The drive into the park is very scenic, and there are two fairly easy trails to take once in the park. From the visitors center there is a short 3/4 mile hike called the Hall of Mosses that runs past a mossy pond and up a somewhat steep hill to loop through giant, moss-covered trees. It is billed a wheelchair accessible, but unless your wheelchair is a hovercraft there's no way it could get up the steep grades. There is also a 1.2 mile nature trail that loops out by the Hoh River. That trail is a bit rough in spots, but mostly flat. For backpackers and day hikers who want a more backwoods experience, the 18 mile (one-way) Hoh River trail offers spectacular scenery, but requires either a shuttle car at the other end or a turn-around at whatever point you want. Dogs are not allowed on the trails. A wheelchair is available at the visitors center.


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