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Mesa Lane Steps Surf

Steps are hidden by homes in a residential part of town.Not much sandy area to layout, tons of seaweed and kelp flies. Best part was feeling our thighs burn on the way up. its not worth surfing this spot though, it never has waves and its not fun when it does have waves. there are tons of sharks and the locals will chase you out of the water and throw rocks at you. if you are visiting santa barbara, your best bet is ledbetter, which has friendly locals and is a world class wave. if you decide to risk the dangers of mesa lane, though, be sure to park far away from the steps, and do not leave any clues that you are a surfer. if you do not do this the locals will smash parts of your car with hammers. when there is surf, there is a huge rock right in front of the takeoff that has snapped many boards. overall, I would not surf here if I were you.


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