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Hike at Tilden Regional Park

Go way up high, above Grizzly Peak Blvd, and up on Wildcat Canyon Road to the parking spot for Quarry Trail and Seaview Trail (It's before "Inspiration Point").  When hiking, make sure you head uphill towards Seaview Trail: you'll know it by giant (exotic) eucalyptus trees. Along the crest of the Seaview trail you'll find a couple of humble park benches that overlook the entire panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay.  This is one of the best spots to view sunsets over the entire Bay. The trail is mostly deserted and the overview spot (built on a platform that once hosted a military canon or viewpost of some sort) doesn't have any special sign or marker giving pointers about all the features/islands/bridges on view.  It always surprises me how these amazing spots in the U.S.A are improperly billed for their true value.  This should really be a tourist highlight,alongside Lombard Street in San Francisco but it's probably overlooked for various reasons such as the need to walk on a non-developed trail, uphill for over 1/2 mile; lack of public transportation access; lack of lighting, and so forth. This spot is deserted and can be romantic.  Get you a bottle of wine, warm woolies for the chilly breezes off the Bay, and enjoy the magnificent sunset views from Seaview trail.


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