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South Mountain State Park Hike/Bike loop

This state park is really a gem and you can see many locals visiting here for a picnic or a quick visit to the falls. The high Shoals loop trail is classified as “strenuous” and I believe it is so because of the many steps and incline along the way. But it is actually totally manageable and I saw plenty of kids and elderly along the way. high Shoals falls are beautiful but the trail itself is much more fun (and shaded!). There are plenty of places along the way to dip in water (even for little kids) so bring your bathing suits. The walk to the falls is about a mile (1.5km) and you can either continue the loop or back your tracks. The parking lot has restrooms with running water and plenty of space (+ tables) for picnics (including an area which is roofed). For mountain biking this trails offers mile or so of blacktop with some pretty steep hills. You have to walk bike through first picnic area. This area really functions as a single trail, be aware no other trails are open to bikes. Only the loop. Recommended registration at box located at corner of parking lot in case of emergency.


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