Walk up the 1,000 Steps Beach


AWAYN IMAGE Walk up the 1,000 Steps Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Walk up the 1,000 Steps Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Walk up the 1,000 Steps Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Walk up the 1,000 Steps Beach

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I almost didn't want to write about this because I worry that the more people know about it the more crowded it will get. But I cannot say enough about this beach.  Thousand Steps Beach is one of the largest beaches in South Laguna Beach, CA. It’s a wide sandy beach with volleyball courts, restrooms, cliff side houses and tide pools and caves to discover. There is a large cave at the south end of Thousand Steps Beach that you can enter when the tide is out and the entrance is exposed. You can walk through this cave to a tiny rocky cove on the other side. At the north end of Thousand Steps Beach, there is another rock tunnel, but this one leads to a large-excellent beach that you must see. Unfortunately, this beach, known as Totuava Beach, is only accessible at low tide when the short (in height) tunnel and the optional route around the point are both safe to pass through.

The surf here is more appropriate for bodyboarders than surfers, which wards off a large crowd that might otherwise use the beach. The best break is around the rocks to the south of the stairwell, a section of rocks that divides the beach in two. Here, a strong south swell creates a good left. At low tide, the beach has tide pools that might host a lively and fascinating cross-section of sea life. Perhaps most alluring are the sea caves on both ends of the beach. Much less crowded and touristy than other Laguna beach spots. It's only like 300 steps, and well worth the climb on the way back. Street parking is scarce, so try to get there early if you're going on a weekend. In a typical Los Angles fashion the Parking is on-street

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