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Hike to Three peaks of Lavaredo, Auronzo di Cadore

Another postcard-perfect part of the Dolomites. Even if the weather is moody the drama of the landscape fits it. 

Lavaredo's three peaks, or the Italian "Tre Cime di Lavaredo," are three distinctive battlement-like peaks in northeastern Italy's Sixth Dolomites. They are probably one of the Alps ' best-known mountain groups, and one of Italy's most photographed. The three peaks are called "small peak" (Cima Piccola), "big peak" (Cima Grande) and "west peak" (Cima Ovest) from east to west. The Cima Grande is 2,999 meters (9,839 ft) high. It is located at 2,857 meters (9,373 ft) between the Cima Piccola and the Cima Ovest at 2,973 meters (9,754 ft). 

Plenty of parking is available. It is a very spectacular walk on the circular route, which is well marked. You will need a good 3-4 hours to get around. 

You can buy a map of this hike from the tourist offices, souvenir shops and outdoor suppliers in the Dolomites. For this hike you need the #10 tobacco. You don't have to purchase the map. It's easy to follow the hiking trail and well marked. Also available as a reference is the book Shorter Walks in the Dolomites, which we refer to below. When to go: this hike is best when the wildflowers are blooming in the summer months. Bring: hiking shoes, water, snacks or lunch, a jacket (it's chilly at higher altitudes), and of course your camera. 


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