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The Four Peaks Wilderness Hike

First: You MUST own a 4WD  to access the trailhead — as 19 miles of rough dirt road can do significant damage to a regular car.  If you're looking for a half-day to all-day scenic drive with opportunities for hiking, camping or just relaxing and taking in the views...I give this ride four stars. If you start from Hwy 87, the first stretch can be crowded with ATVs. Traffic thins out the farther up you go. And the views get more spectacular the farther up you go. There are a couple forest service trailheads near the top that you might want to check out also. Take your time. Enjoy. The road is almost 30 miles long. It ends at Hwy 188 in Tonto Basin. If you don't want to drive the same way back, hang a right on 188 and it'll take you back to Hwy 87 in about 14 miles.


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