Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves


AWAYN IMAGE Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves
AWAYN IMAGE Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves
AWAYN IMAGE Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves
AWAYN IMAGE Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves
AWAYN IMAGE Hike 2 Sentier Des Greves

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This marked trail is accessible for hiking only. This is the first section between the park of the Beach-Jacques-Cartier and the Domaine des Retired CN. It is located 13 km from Old Quebec near the Quebec City bridges. Near the park, an interpretive panel will teach you a little about the scene. From the bridge of the waterfall, take the opportunity to admire the two bridges of Quebec and will see the waterfall at the bottom of the stairs. Reassemble the stairs. Your first stop at the lookout * Bridges * will discover the river and the south shore of Quebec (Saint-Nicolas). Nearby, begins the descent of the grand staircase with a little less than 200 steps. At the bottom of the stairs is the Maligne cove where we practice climbing the cliff. Continue your way to the beach Gagnon. Follow the marked trail or formal Gagnon on the beach at low tide strike. After the wall of sandstone, is a gazebo and Creek bridge. Down the trail Strikes make a stop in the park of the Beach-Jacques-Cartier. It runs along the river on a little less than 3 km. Traveled to Cap-Rouge Parc Nautique you can walk for several kilometers along the trails of the Cap-Rouge River. The Sentier des Greves -Sentier beginner -Seven stairs with a staircase of 195 steps for a total course of 561 steps. So, if you use all return steps the total will be 1122 steps. -Of walkways and gazebos -Several interpretation panels where you learn a little more about Quebec: -At the tides. In Quebec, they can reach 6 meters. -Some ephemeris Tidal -The humans have left their traces -The wreck Dredge Manseau 101 -The Cliff height varies between 20 and 45 meters. -At the foot of the stairs of Chenaie is special clock tides Schedule: May to October closed in winter Admission: Free Parking: Free. You can also park your car at the Beach Park-Jacques-Cartier. Toilets and vending machines.

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