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Walk around Tompkins Square Park

Were you tired of being scared to walk into Tompkins Square Park for fear of scuffing your Puma on a crack vial?  Well, have no fear.  The crack vials are gone!  Sure, there are still occasional homeless people in the park, but they've got to go somewhere and in some respects, this is what they know.   Whether you'd like to play basketball or spend a sunny afternoon laying on a park bench with your head nestled in the lap of a certain former model or smoke a doobie with hippie kids from NYU or split a 40 with buddy or spend the afternoon wandering around the park running from circus performers after ingesting certain fungi; you can do it all in Tompkins Square...and all without scuffing your Puma! P.S this place can smell like body oder ,and there is nothing like an odor to stir memories.

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