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Run/ Walk Fort Washington Park Greenway to Riverbank State Park

This park is like a hidden recreational outdoor resort to those residing in the Upper West side of Manhattan (UWS, Morningside Heights, Washington Heights, Harlem, etc). The upper part of the park has soccer fields, a 400m track, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, basketball courts, you name it!! It even has a Merry-Go-Round, Water sprinklers for the kids to enjoy while their parents sit on the bench and relax while taking in the gorgeous views of Hudson River park and the Palisades of New Jersey. There are restrooms, locker rooms, water fountains, vending machines inside the main buiildings as well as a cafeteria selling soft drinks and food. The ground level (take the stairs or the elevator down) is where you'll find football and baseball fields, grassy areas for picnicing and tanning outdoors. I took the stairs and must admit that you can still smell the sewage as this park was built over a waster water treatment. I didn't stay long in the ground level as just about everyone was grilling or doing BBQ with their families. Except for the fact that it smells like sewage as you take the stairs down and up, this is a great park to take your kids during the summer to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far or even get out of the city. Definitely a great find!!!


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