Hike to Elfin Forest


AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Elfin Forest
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Elfin Forest
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Elfin Forest
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Elfin Forest
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Elfin Forest

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The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, one of the most precious natural resources in San Diego County, offers about 11 miles of hiking, mountain biking and horse-riding trails, as well as picnic areas and scenic mountain viewing points. Moreover, the reserve's natural beauty includes native plant communities such as riparian oak, oak forest, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral. All wildlife and natural resources in the Reserve are fully protected so that these wonders can also be enjoyed by future generations.


OMWD developed the 784-acre reserve in partnership with the San Diego County Water Authority and the United States. Interior Department–Land Management Bureau as part of the Olivenhain Water Storage Project and the Emergency Storage Project of the Authority. The reserve opened in 1992 for the first time. The Reserve, which is owned by the Authority and managed by OMWD, was designed to unify the interests of development of domestic water supply, natural resource management and recreational opportunities.

This is definitely a less-ventured hiking trail . It's definitely not in a centralized part of San Diego, and there are so many more turns from the freeway to even get here. Plus, it may be a bit more steep. There are great views of the area from up there. You can see parts of Escondido as well as remote houses on other hills. We didn't exactly reach the peak, but we were close. Also, all the trails and picnic areas are well maintained. At Ridgetop picnic area there's a drinking fountain and trash cans, so we can refill our water bottle and safely dispose some food wrapping. It's a good middle point to take a rest and refill unless you want to carry a gallon of water on a hot day

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