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Hike to Centro Ecoturistico Cadena de Cascadas El Chiflon

This is a great day trip from Comitan. We were on our way to Lagos de Montebello when we backtracked a bit to see the falls. This worked out great because in the end we enjoyed El Chiflon better than Los Lagos. The community who owns the river front has it well organized and maintained. You walk up the river pass ever larger falls until you get to the most powerful. There is a great little perch safely sitting on an outcropping right before the falls. There you can stand directly in front of the great mass of falling of water and contemplate the marvel of nature while getting showered with spray and water vapor blown by gusts and followed by rainbows. Dont forget your swim suit. There are a few designated swimming areas with changing rooms. Swim in one on the way up and another on the way down. The water has a mineral that glazes over the rocks and creates different hues of blue. We enjoyed plastering ourselves with the very fine mud we found on river bottom which was very soothing for the pores. We had fun with our wild tribal look. We sighted several blue Morpho butterflies as well as found trees with ripe chico zapotes.


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