A Short Visit to the Honey Run Waterfall


AWAYN IMAGE A Short Visit to the Honey Run Waterfall
AWAYN IMAGE A Short Visit to the Honey Run Waterfall
AWAYN IMAGE A Short Visit to the Honey Run Waterfall

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One of the top-secret gems of Ohio is the charming Honey Run Waterfall. If ever driving through Knox County, take time to visit Honey Run Waterfall Park, home to the most stunning falls in Central Ohio. If visiting during the summer, there is a chance to miss the waterfall, as it usually dries up in the hot months. Therefore, I recommend you check out Honey Run Falls after the spring rainfalls. When running at full capacity, this waterfall is 20 feet high, boasting an impressive cascade, perfect for professional photography set. 

Although tiny, Honey Run Waterfall Park offers much more than just the falls, so if you ever decide to spend time here, you can see the scenic gorge, and if feeling like hiking, then try the trail that can take you all the way down to Kokosing River. Exploring the natural beauties of the gorge, and meditating next to the Honey Run Waterfall will make for a perfect daily getaway for the entire family. The hike to the river is easy, and it doesn't require mountaineering skills, so if planning to take your kids on a weekend escape, this is a perfect park to explore. 

To get here, first, find the parking lot located on this address 10855 Hazel Dell Road, Howard, Ohio, and then take a short walk to the waterfall. 

Honey Run Waterfall is an extraordinary place to visit if needing a short break from the hectic city life. Diving deep in a close wilderness that radiates with peace and tranquility will help you recharge your batteries and make the most of a few hours Nature visit. 

If feeling like you need an extra thrill, drive 30 minutes to Mohican State Park to see the tall Lyons Falls and Hemlock Falls. 

Enjoy your visit to the park, and don't forget to bring your camera! 


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