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Hike in The Devil's Pulpit (Finnich Glen)

The Devil's Pulpit is an amazing place with an incredible view , can be slippery on the rocky staircase when it has been raining, there is a rope to hold onto to help you down. Spectacular view at the bottom well worth it. It was a little confusing on how to find it but but the valley passes under a bridge that you will probably see. On one side of the bridge there is a stone wall, go through the break in the Stonewall and go up the hill. You will be in a field at the top of the small hill, go left. In a short distance there is a big gate with a fence, crawl through or over the gate and take the path to the right. It will lead you directly to the stone staircase. I was on the wrong side of the valley originally, and I was obviously not the only one as it was a well beaten path. If you find this review helpful give it a thumbs up so other people can see it more easily.


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