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Hiking from Moanalua Valley Trail to the Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven)

The ropes that are very necessary at a few areas were very wet and slippery, dangerous. Down near the bottom on the way out we had to walk through yucky streams of murky water and through really wet and muddy areas. I suggest to someone wanting to do this trail that they do it when it has not been raining heavily. The danger factor goes way up. We saw many small to medium landslides all around. The only upside to hiking after heavy rain is that the hues of colors of the plants were even more amazing. Rubberized gloves were very helpful, I would say necessary, not to slip on the ropes and mud. I suggest bringing extra rope in case there is none at the areas where it is needed. Good treads on shoes a must when the trail wet, spikes even better. Also unless you want to hike in fog with no view make sure the weather forecast says sunny skies. This hike can be anywhere from fun and fairly easy when dry to and potentially dangerous/ deadly at some points when wet.


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