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Hike to Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls is perfect for a Spring/Summer hike: challenging, scenic, and offers a beautiful sight to see at the end. The waterfall is Instagram worthy and you should reward yourself with a relaxing rest on the beach.

Since this may be a challenging hike, here are some notes: - 8.5 Mile Hike (back and forth), it'll take several hours to accomplish this trail so bring plenty of water, food and supplies. For casual hikes, make sure to take plenty of breaks so you don't overwhelm your body. - You will have to climb down a staggered path to get to the beach. The end of the trail is on the TOP of the waterfall. It may look intimidating and dangerous to make the climb down to the beach, but if you're patient and careful you and your group can do it! - Speaking of the climb down, I don't recommend toddlers for this hike. It's manageable as my group and I brought a four-year-old, but we took turns carrying him since it's a long hike. It's also dangerous for a toddler on the climb down to the beach, but if you have a group who is cautious then it should be okay. I also wouldn't recommend a stroller as the path has a bunch of bumpy, uneven sections and big puddles after rains. 

Pets: Nearly all trails within Point Reyes National Seashore, including all trails leading to Alamere Falls, are prohibited for dogs and other pets. ... This prohibition does not apply to dogs working on park trails.


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