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Explore around I Trulli di Alberobello - World Heritage Site

The Trulli houses UNESCO site in the Apulian town of Alberobello are recognized worldwide for their beauty and unique features and draw one of the most extraordinary examples of Italian folk architecture. This village was built in a  historical period when the construction of stable dwellings was highly-taxed thus the inhabitants of the region possessed a great ability to adapt, and implemented an exceptional cleverness by coming up with the idea for the Trulli.

The whole village is preserved as a tourist site and is a mix of private houses and shops selling tourist gifts. Both shops and private houses are genuinely pleased to invite you in to explore the Trulli.  he most beautiful areas are the aia and Monti neighborhoods. The aia is more quiet and residential while the Monti is more commercialized and lively.

One of the best spots to visit is the Museo Del Territorio which explains and demonstrates how the Trulli are built. This museum's admission is around 7€. 

You can easily spend 2-3 hours in the town.


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