Hiking along the Aletsch Glacier


AWAYN IMAGE Hiking along the Aletsch Glacier
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking along the Aletsch Glacier
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking along the Aletsch Glacier
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking along the Aletsch Glacier

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From the top of the Eggishorn in Fiesch or if you like a bit of a hike, take the cable train in Ried-Morel to Riederalp, after a 10 minute walk you get on another cabletrain called the "moosfluh" with blue windshields. At the top you have a magnificent view on the Aletsch Glacier and the top of the Jungfrau glacier from the other side. The cable car takes you up to the Bettmerhorn, where you can immediately enjoy the magnificent view of the Aletsch Glacier. The route can be divided into 3 sections: along the glacier (1), crossing over to the Upper Rhone valley (2), and the Upper Rhone valley (3). The first section is about 3.5 km long and offers continuous views of the glacier as you walk parallel to it. Then you'll walk to the east, and away from the glacier, and you'll soon reach the tiny Märjelensee (Lake Märjelen). Section 2 continues to the larger Vordersee (Lake Vorder), where you will enter the 1 km long pedestrian tunnel. It's quite exciting to walk across that pretty dark tunnel. A flashlight will come in handy. You can extend the route by not taking the tunnel but walking further to the north-east along the Vordersee. This trail rejoins with the original route about 1 km before Fiescheralp. Section 3 starts at the end of the tunnel. This section offers views of the Fiescher Glacier, the Fiescher valley and the Upper Rhone valley. An easy wide trail will lead you to Fiescheralp. If you want to see the Aletsch Glacier from a different perspective, this where you can take a cable car up to the Eggishorn.

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