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Camping trip to Álftavatn

On the popular Laugavegur trail, from Landmannalaugar to Hebórsmörk, the huts on Álftavatn Lake are about halfway down the trail. Sometimes those who walk Laugavegurinn walk the whole way to Álftavatn on the first day, others prefer the first night in Hrafntinnusker and the second night in Álftavatn. 

It is possible to drive 4x4 jeeps to Álftavatn during the summer along the Fjallabaksleið syðri (F210) road from Keldur in Rangárvellir, along the north side of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and ending in Skaftártungur. Please note that along the way there are several unbridged rivers where special care is required. The opening season of the huts depends on when the Icelandic Road Authority opens the road and that in turn depends on snow conditions and general conditions of the road itself. On average one can assume that the huts are open from June 25 until September 17. 

During the winter period, the huts are closed and locked, but can be rented by sending a hut inquiry to FÍ's offices. Please note that Iceland's winter travel is a serious business and should only be undertaken by highly skilled hikers who are accustomed to extreme conditions and have 5 season equipment. NEARBY SIGHTS Next to Laugavegurinn, the area's beautiful landscapes offer various hikes, such as Álftaskarð Gorge, Brattháls and Torfahlaup Gorge. 

Deep and decorative Lake Álftavatn. Whooper swans had been hunted there in the past, but the hunt was abandoned after the drowning of Fljótsdalur farmer in 1838, witnessed by his teenage daughter. Jeeps (4x4) can be driven along Mt. Torfatindur to the Torfahlaup narrow gorge.


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