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Hike in Dawn Mine Trail

This has probably been my favorite, if not my second favorite hike in the Los Angeles area. Start off by parking down by the camp grounds. You need a adventure pass to park within the park. Then proceed towards the campground. From here. You have two options. 1) head up towards the waterfall and go up some super steep trail to the ridge above. Or you have option #2. You get to the trail marker right before the campground and head right up that trail instead of left to the waterfall trail. This is what we did. It may add a tiny bit more to the distance but saves you from a steep uphill. Once at the top of that trail, take a left along the fire road. This road will lead you to another trail sign on the left. Take that trail down to the river. Next major turn comes at the cabin by the river. Take the farthest left trail towards the river bed. The river is mostly dried up but does have some pockets of water. The trail is mostly shaded but does have some areas that are out in the open. From the cabin, you are going to follow the river up the mountain until you hit the mine. The trail does go back and forth across the river bed. Just follow the river. There are some rocks that have black painted arrows to try and help guide you. Also some people have laid logs across paths that will lead you the right way. Once done at the mine, my friend and I couldn't find the path to continue the loop so we just took the same trial back out. Make sure you bring a flash light and a change of socks. Once inside the mine, there is water and it truly is pitch black. Be safe! Don't forget to sign the book in the main area once inside the mine. It took us roughly 4 hours to complete this hike.


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