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Explore the Andaman island

The name Andaman is alleged to be resulting from Hanuman, who was known to the Malays as Handuman. The name Nicobar gives the impression to be a corruption of the South Indian term ‘Nakkavaram’ (Land of the Naked) as pointed out in the great Tanjore inscription of AD 1050. The Andaman–Nicobar archipelago is the emergent part of a long ridge which extends from the Arakan–Yoma ranges of western Myanmar (Burma) in the north to Sumatra in the south. To the east the archipelago is flanked by the Andaman Sea and to the west by the Bay of Bengal. Placed on the south of the Ten Degree Channel in the eastern Indian Ocean the islands of the Nicobar Group are spread out over a distance of 259 km. The place occupies maximum width of nearly around 58 km and cover an area of 1841 〖km〗^2 . In total there are 22 islands, of which 13 are inhabited.

Comparable to most of the islands in the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, the Andaman and Nicobar islands have a tropical to subtropical environment with typical humidifies fluctuating from 79–89% , in addition regular temperatures of 27–338C in the summer and 21–258C in the winter. The archipelago also benefits from sea breezes that moderate these hot and humid conditions. Sets of the NE monsoon arrive in November followed by the SW monsoon towards the end of May. As a result of Port Blair on South Andaman obtains copious volumes of rainfall averaging 300–350 cm annually, mostly delivered by the SW monsoon which blows from May through September and by the tropical cyclones. Rubber, oil palms and cashews are also important. Forestry was also one of the core sources of employment until 2002 when, in order to conserve sanctuary the unique ecology of the islands, the Supreme Court of India ordered that commercial logging should cease and revoked the licenses of saw mills and wood-based industries. 

Due to a growing demand for fresh water from increased tourism and a rising population, increased attention has been diverted to exploiting groundwater resources, especially on the main population centre of South Andaman. 

The Commercial fishing has been banned around the Andaman Islands for more than 4 decades. It is assumed that in these waters, fishes die of old age. The western coast is bordered by the Bay of Bengal, although the coast on the east faces the younger Andaman Sea. The coasts and adjacent shelf areas of the Andaman Group on the western side are fairly straight and gently sloping; by contrast, the coastlines on the eastern side tend to have a relatively steeper slope. 



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