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Treasure Loop, Jacob's Crosscut

Hiked Treasure Loop, Jacob's Crosscut, and Prospector's View Trail for a total of 3.5 miles on an overcast Sunday morning. We parked in the Saguaro Day Use lot and started there. The first part of the trail was mostly a walk, but it was nice and green from all the rain and we saw a few wildflowers. At the fork we took a right and used Crosscut trail towards Siphon Draw to pick up Prospector's View Trail. It gets much steeper there, but it's definitely still moderate and not unmanageable for someone in decent shape. This trail has very little elevation change, but because everything around it is flat you still get some pretty good views. So it can be boring and first but then you get to pretty parts soon. Green boulder is neat, but if you take Prospector's View you have to hike a little ways down Treasure Loop to see the green part. The trails are all easy to follow and well maintained. Hike was nice and quiet for a sunrise hike on a cold morning, but I think it would probably get really crowded with nicer weather. Bathrooms and water at the trailhead, which I guess is part of what you're paying for with the $7 entry fee.


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