Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh


AWAYN IMAGE Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh
AWAYN IMAGE Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh
AWAYN IMAGE Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh
AWAYN IMAGE Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh
AWAYN IMAGE Arthur's Seat for Edinburgh

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Heedfully securing the thriving city of Edinburgh lies the 350 million year old dead to the world giant of Arthur’s Seat. This ancient volcano which sits at the heart of Hollywood Park is known for its daunting lion-like appearance, dominates the city landscape. It has even been described by the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson as; “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”. The primeval hill soars 822 feet into the sky and has a fiery past. Standing here since long before the first humans set foot on the British Isles, is also means that every culture and generation throughout the ages has their own story to tell of its origins and influence. More like the great rock on which Edinburgh Castle sits; Arthur’s Seat was designed by a defunct volcano nearly 350 million years ago. In the hundreds of millions of years since it stopped erupting, the volcano was buried beneath other rocks, then gradually eroded to become exposed again at the surface. Only half of it remains though, which means we can now see right into the heart of the volcano! The two summits are all that is left of its central vents. Even though Edinburgh sits in the track of a volcano chain, as luck would have it has been extinct for millions of years. The city can today sleep soundly!

Several mythical chronicles claim that the name ‘Arthur’s Seat’ is derived from the story of King Arthur and his noble Knights of the Round Table as they name it as one of the possible locations for the ancient kingdom of Camelot. A verse in Y Gododdin makes reference to him as a paragon of bravery and is regarded as the earliest known mention of the character. Although now recognized as Arthurs Seat, other mythologies have also played into its heritage, all resting on its volcanic roots. The hill has become synonymous with the rather daunting name ‘The Lion’s Head’. It is thought that the two extinct volcano vents resemble a resting lion’s head and haunch.

There’s no denying that Arthur’s Seat is entwined with numerous mythological narratives. For illustration, from the time when the 15th century, arguments neighboring the whereabouts of the real Camelot the iconic court and castle of Romani-British warrior Chief King Arthur— have been an ongoing discourse. 


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