Asgard Pass, Washington


AWAYN IMAGE Asgard Pass, Washington
AWAYN IMAGE Asgard Pass, Washington
AWAYN IMAGE Asgard Pass, Washington
AWAYN IMAGE Asgard Pass, Washington

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This Enchantments Core Zone "shortcut" refers to mileage only. As far as miles are concerned, Aasgard may be one of the slowest hikes you're trying to make. Attaining the pass is a thigh-burning, chest-bursting, eye-popping endeavor that offers as many extraordinary views as beads of sweat falling from your brow as you climb almost 2,000 feet in a mile.

The hundreds of feet that head up and over Aasgard Pass each year trampled a trail from Colchuck Lake. While it is relatively obvious to those familiar with route-finding, this is not the trail for people new to hiking, regardless of your fitness level. Seasonal hazards exist, including streams that melt the snow from the bottom up, and you'll need route-finding experience, agility, and excellent balance. Those lucky enough to score a permit for the Core Zone should consider these factors when you're thinking of heading in for a night over Aasgard Pass. While it may be considerably shorter mileage-wise, if your balance center is compromised by a pack loaded with overnight gear, the trail up Aasgard may be treacherous. 

Rock-hopping around Colchuck Lake's head gives way to a staircase-like grade trail. Furthermore, scrambling sections are required to ultimately access the coveted core zone. The pass seen from the lake is not the real top of the pass, but rather a false summit, with even more elevation gain to be gained before the pass is gained.

But once you're on top of the pass, striped rocks, gleaming snow, jagged peaks, and icy lakes that lie before you make it look like you're in another world— even on another planet. The basin is so huge that other hikers at Isolation Lake seem like little ants below you, and sound is quickly absorbed into the air around you, giving the impression of loneliness despite the fact that you're probably sharing the basin with at least a few other people. It seems like you're on top of the world at 7800 feet, though Dragontail Peak is rising up to the west and a large ridgeline is looming overhead to the east.

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